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Designing Video Installations with Douglas Gordon

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Turner Prize-winning artist Douglas Gordon is one of our favorite artists. He was born in Glasgow, lives and works in Berlin now with odd stints as juror at the Venice Film Festival. We found him sitting at his piano that was crowned by a stuffed, howling wolf. We talked about his work and how he used the Prado as storyboard for his film about Zinédine Zidane. Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Best-Of Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (134)
C Men (4 months ago)
I just taught myself that lil bit from the beginning on the piano. does it have a name?
Miro Pribanić (1 month ago)
Tubeway Army / Gary Numan - Are 'friends' electric? great band, very influential
Antonio Pasolini (5 months ago)
He goes from humble to super pretentious in one second
DerekKnox1 (7 months ago)
Is the piano song 'are friends electric?' ? 🤔
Miro Pribanić (1 month ago)
Robert Pennekamp (8 months ago)
yes great lesson, people always want to put you in a pigeon hole
Nicki LovesDogs (8 months ago)
Disgusting and cruel. Not art.
@TraffordMedia (9 months ago)
I now have aids great
Larissa Steiner (1 year ago)
Douglas Gordon ist so ein toller Künstler! Habe einige seiner Bücher vom Kerber Verlag https://www.kerberverlag.com/
Kenny Byers (1 year ago)
Would love to see the storyboard run through he's describing & film results form the Prado!! ::))
ed (2 years ago)
so basically it is warhol
enjoyed this! so much!
jodde73 (3 years ago)
Aha! It's him who's got all the DMT..;)
Mamumonkan (3 years ago)
LOVE how you strived to obscure the slogan on Doug's T-shirt - and to do so installed him on the chair like a statue on a pedestal - great piece !
Harry Martin (3 years ago)
Interesting! I recently saw one of his works in Manchester art gallery in association to the Sensory war exhibition. :)
AN Media (1 year ago)
Kenny Byers (1 year ago)
Great! Would love to see the piece he's describes filmed at the Prado ::))
Liliana Munoz (4 years ago)
En mexico que si trabajamos equipo. Este es mucho mejor que sea idividual no abansa
montZmusiK (4 years ago)
I used to be friends with this guy at primary school,,,, Hey Dougie, how ya doing ?
nanochase (5 years ago)
Wait, its okay to show piles of dead children and how to explicitly produce and take heroin, but if you show an adidas logo... God have mercy on your soul. The first amendment is weird..
Traits666 (5 years ago)
If you actually listened to what the guy said, or at least what I thought he said was along these lines. The Last few films HAVE been his and feels slightly embarrassed about that fact in front of students. How often do you guys go the the 'CINEMA' ? He found inspiration in two films he saw at quite a late age in life, 26-28. Taxi Driver and sorry I can't remember the other. There is story including between the frames; each has or possibly has new meaning. See Zidane example of work...
Claudia Sandoval (5 years ago)
Feature Film is wonderful! I just saw it yesterday in Berlin. Beautiful and fantastic! Thank you for this video.
lexyota (5 years ago)
can this guy be any more boring?
Pizzajitsu (5 years ago)
WTF is this guy's deal with hand gestures?
Rene Mahound (5 years ago)
True, yes. It probably cannot be won, except in some vastly rare circumstances. (Basquiat, say. Or a David Choe) But it's a personal commandment to fight anyway, even though you're more likely to end up with the last words of Van Gogh on your lips, (Google them). Or worse even, since he was vindicated after death. Just total oblivion, forgotten by everyone forever. I'll absorb the toil of day-jobs, a prayer of humility, if I can make art too. Good luck, Eddie, in your version of same.
Steezedisease (5 years ago)
so is what you see as bad art ;)
threeSOUL (5 years ago)
hahaha his name is Douglas! hah what a putz
eddie winebauer (5 years ago)
And once your art is made your peers outside the art realm then ask you "so how do you pay your rent with this?". As if to imply that either you live for free on hand outs, or that somehow you have compromised your art by maintaining a steady career. Most art comes from inspiration and the freedom to let your expressions flow freely. On the one hand if life is too easy no grit to the expression, yet too hard and most would say why bother. It is a fight that most often cannot be won.
Rene Mahound (5 years ago)
It's such a depressing slog to discover that you are an artist. And you do, you don't choose to be one. It's awful. You're going to labour your whole life on illusions you can't release. Everyone, EVERYONE, will pile scorn and abuse on you and the things you make. But, there's almost no reward in it to begin with, so, they can't remove the reward from it, they can't take away the incentive to make. Maybe making art that doesn't sell is indefensible in a world where profit is all. Money is all.
jockslap (5 years ago)
His name is Qwerty, he didn't even attempt to think.
Zadose18 (5 years ago)
When are we getting the next season of thumbs up if we are getting one at all?
Demetrius Kent (5 years ago)
probably a name brand that Vice doesn't have rights to broadcast
Old (5 years ago)
Yes, you are retarded.
Drama/159329 (5 years ago)
I'm I just retarded or what is this? I have no clue
jeremycanwalk (5 years ago)
that was awesome
aduv (5 years ago)
He doesn't like information shot strait into his eye ! Get it ? Not everyone has to think like you. You have to accept it. I just like him because he is thinking out of the box.
Milo Black (5 years ago)
its a stussy shirt
Milo Black (5 years ago)
some kind of stussy logo. look at the sleeve. its got the original logo on it.
MrCraigtastic (5 years ago)
The blurred part of his shirt is the logo of a company that didn't want to be associated with this guy and/or this documentary
pewpscoop (5 years ago)
lol blue wtf
A_A (5 years ago)
Is that a La Fin Absolue du Monde poster in the back? /watch?v=PD4C3wRiMCk
themrjones (5 years ago)
I split this one video into 4 short films. I get it now, used my toilet as a story board.
ekiroto9 (5 years ago)
What if I watch a streaming video of Doug's films is that okay with him?
MrKeyframes (5 years ago)
Can you find a more boring person to interview? This guy isn't boring me enough!
amc133 (5 years ago)
my dicks sore now
Synicade (5 years ago)
He only goes to the cinema to watch his own films. Sorry but this guy SERIOUSLY sounds like a douche.
J-MONEY fifty-two-Hgc (5 years ago)
i love vice'es stuff there documentaries are raw real life shit ya'll find the best topics its like there in my head pulling out shit i would buy/rent to watch keep the awesome shit coming vice
LOS CANADIENSES (5 years ago)
Hi Vice, i Have a question. How can I put my documentary in your channel?
patm1313 (5 years ago)
4:33 Probably the most artistic part of this guy's entire portfolio.
Joshua Hughes (5 years ago)
Videos like this are excellent. Please fire those "DO's & DON'Ts" retards.
cummingsautocare (5 years ago)
none of your business ya fartknockin turdburglar
justjayarrsteiner (5 years ago)
i figured something out. if you wear skinny jeans, grow a mustache, rent a big, white loft space and say with a straight face, "That pile of old G.I. Joes in the corner is a $5000 piece of art." people WILL buy into it. Also you cant smile. Ever.
MrInternetDude (5 years ago)
Love Gary Newman!
MrInternetDude (5 years ago)
He's awesome, love his studio!
TheOldsancho (5 years ago)
Winker!!!! Fucking postmodernism!!! ask an arsehole to take a crap put it into a gallery and voila instant art!!! this man work is a brain fart!!!
Ghost_Hands (5 years ago)
Sounds like? You're reading my written words, there's no noise involved.
Tommy Scheib (5 years ago)
What the fuck is on his shirt
Joey's third chin (5 years ago)
egvelazquezpv (5 years ago)
this shit is fuckin boring
Manuel H. (5 years ago)
Blurred for American audience, I guess
Kirby Krios (5 years ago)
Quality over quantity, please. As the comments and ratings on your "Trolling celebs" videos showed you how bad those were. I subscribed to you ppl after seeing several of your older full length docus. That was the most interesting stuff!
John Ratko (5 years ago)
Are you implying he has ovaries?
touristinexile (5 years ago)
Please someone tell me what perverse obscenity could possibly be on this guys shirt that it would require vice to blur it out. I could barely follow the interview this blur was so distracting I didn't know if he was giving the finger or doing something even more obscene with his hand.
mcspikesky (5 years ago)
Have you even watched the whole film Blue? or do you just watch 15 seconds on a Vice video and think you understand it? Fucking idiot.
mcspikesky (5 years ago)
What are you? 12?
fiercefunky (5 years ago)
The way he sits makes me think he must have some massive and sensitive nads packed away in there.
somethinghumble (5 years ago)
This seems more about portraiture than installation. Good vid regardless, thanks Vice. Keep em comin'
Kalle (5 years ago)
Please more of the anarchy cookbook!
iddn (5 years ago)
One advantage of digital is that you can easily blur random shit out. Seriously
maxnelson07 (5 years ago)
Whats a matter, never heard of "Art for arts sake?"
Fahrenheit (5 years ago)
This is the most pretentious thing I have ever seen. Art needs a purpose, all good films have something to say about an issue or idea relevant to real life, lots of good painting also do this, or they invoke a strong emotional response. Making a film about you finger fucking your hand and calling it 'Blue' to be risque is just stupid and pretentious. I can see why this guy never went to the cinema, not edgy enough for him, they might actually have a relevant message.
KurtOfEngland (5 years ago)
wolf on piano . equals . awesome.
James Tynan (5 years ago)
"Are Friends Electric?" - Gary Numan !!!
Amyz (5 years ago)
name of the piano piece please! :)
Felix Pocock (5 years ago)
So good
Alexander Petrohv (5 years ago)
wow douglas gordon is famous. you re genius vice.
Cameron Wallace (5 years ago)
What you see as good art is irrelevant.
derty QWERTY (5 years ago)
Meh, this was not what I would call good art. Best "art" I've looked at lately is a silent beauty called Samsara.... far more interesting and kept me thinking hard for hours.
mcnuggs (5 years ago)
When Gordon explained how the collection in the Prado Museum was the only thing appropriate enough use as a storyboard for his film, that had to be the most pretentious thing I've heard from an artist. Here's why: It felt like he was trying to come off as some great visionary artist as if he was a director like Terrence Malick (who is actually a master of abstract impressionist cinema on many levels), but Gordon is more like a professional student in the way he executes his work.
Antonio Pasolini (5 months ago)
I thought so, too - he really lost me when he said the film had the most expensive storyboard in the history of cinema. As if his work match Goya's - really. In fact, the film turned out quite run of the mill.
travis bickle (5 years ago)
:D thanks
travis bickle (5 years ago)
that what i thought when you're gran was riding my dick
travis bickle (5 years ago)
just like you're moms head lmao
travis bickle (5 years ago)
you don't have the intelligence to understand this lol
PacoVL46 (5 years ago)
the blended out the print on his shirt? really? has it really come to this??? WTF???
Cased Melon (5 years ago)
Quite an interesting piece. However, he seems quite pretentious and wanky.
MoggsterJ (5 years ago)
I have to say that since i started watching VICE I have had another look on the world. I can now see alot of things my friends and family dont. You have given me the power to think about things i normally wouldn't. Thank you, Everyone on the vice crew!
deanogr1997 (5 years ago)
Gary Numan at the start :D
iHATEcheckminus (5 years ago)
No, thank you for creating!
aa aa (5 years ago)
song name at 9:45
d e v o l v e d (5 years ago)
volkermuller55 (5 years ago)
Seemed really pretentious.
xMonsterProx (5 years ago)
truly beautiful...
Lo-Fi (5 years ago)
John M (5 years ago)
IdleGod (5 years ago)
Sounds like you're on mushrooms...
Ghost_Hands (5 years ago)
"This guy" is a world famous conceptual artist. He's not a trainwreck or crazy. You need to broaden your horizons
Mike Maertens (5 years ago)
Start @ 11:55 and listen.
Alex D (5 years ago)
although you can do better keep them vids uploading
Ghost_Hands (5 years ago)
Should have added watch?v=W2XwOXTSAic to my comment to find it ;p
Ghost_Hands (5 years ago)
I recommend this BBC show; imagine..., Summer 2012, Glasgow: The Grit and the Glamour. If you enjoyed this vid, it explores how Glasgow has become known for Turner Prize-winning artists. Douglas features in it as well as several other Glasgow artists.
phrozen17 (5 years ago)
Tell him to change shirts before the interview instead of blurring half the picture
digiprez77 (5 years ago)
I could have made that Zidane movie for 50 bucks...
Max Email (5 years ago)
more hipsters please!
Robbie Robinson (5 years ago)
I'm on my last free 4 years and i have a project on video installation and this was terrible but i learnt about how to talk good bullshit so thanks again Vice

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