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Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

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ae151 (5 years ago)
I should be embarrassed? You're the one defending "organic cotton". I'm for growing cotton as cheaply & efficiently as possible in order to clothe as many people with the products of that cotton. Who the one caring for the planet now?
hotelexploring (8 years ago)
How can a style be eco-friendly. Its the fabric that is eco-friendly and bamboo is the most sustainable and highest quality.
jessica jessicuhh (9 years ago)
0:36 hope that is faux
MizzzzzCleo (10 years ago)
wow i love the clothes:=]
Wiiosten (10 years ago)
some of those items were actually decent. the first dress was nice, and a few of the others. if they're really "eco friendly", cool.
ae151 (10 years ago)
"Organic cotton" is the bigest joke ever
Annie Glaysha (10 years ago)
WOW thats's so cool!

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