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10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

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Sign up for our newsletter: http://goo.gl/UwnMd Subscribe: http://goo.gl/qR0gi On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to start your six pack with ten minutes of intense core exercises. Learn how to get a flat stomach and lose weight at the same time with this quick, yet effective workout! Follow along and let us know what you thought! Stay tuned to our channel for more episodes: http://goo.gl/c6p4j Check out our other fun workouts: 1. Miranda Kerr Butt Workout: Victoria Secret Series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl4JR94ZdCY 2. Taco Bell Calorie Burner: Insane Workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJuxvxv5lbA 3. Squat Challenge: 225 Squats to Burn 100 Calories: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF_Apr5Ee9A 4. The Best Victoria Secret Ab Workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfvD5yEFh28 5. 5 Minute Ab Workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3au2wdRon4 Check us out online: http://goo.gl/qVuTM Facebook: http://goo.gl/HzUSX Twitter: http://goo.gl/6esYW Tumblr: http://goo.gl/Tmzhb Pinterest: http://goo.gl/6tUk9 Instagram: http://goo.gl/mEIzd
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Text Comments (16502)
Jillian Elise (11 hours ago)
Sansan. Y. (1 day ago)
Tenth Day Check (10/10)
Xavier Theriault (1 day ago)
I got throe it
brenda muti (1 day ago)
Priscila Subirá, vou se não morrer antes de terminar esse exercício eu vou te matar! Kkkkkkkkkkk
Robbie's Red Velvet (2 days ago)
I did what she said and I didn't get a six pack.I'm also a little boy.
Short Stories (2 days ago)
I only have one ab, but it's extremely powerful. I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity.
Diana Park (3 days ago)
what about i feel pain in y back? when i do V- crunch it's too pain for me. anyone know about this problem? what should i do or my motion is wrong
JaniceLim Im (3 days ago)
Got here bcoz of YB ❤
Satnam Singh (4 days ago)
How many days we have to repeat this same exercise
Satnam Singh (4 days ago)
Can we do legs workout at same time with abs workout
Vanessa W (5 days ago)
Came here can of YBs workout video 😂
Ariously (5 days ago)
for the side plank i hurt my shoulder more than i exercise my abs
GiGi Zollerano (5 days ago)
I did it
Shelby Green (5 days ago)
Hey yall this is day two. Im really trying to get motivated and keep doing it.. everyone in the comments is so helpful and i love the way Rebecca is so inspiring with this. I dont have a lot of equipment at home and i just really want to love the way i look again. Ill keep yall updated
Christian Pimentel (6 days ago)
Starting everyday today. Will update in 2 months
Crystal Tafoya (6 days ago)
I finally did it! I made it through the whole thing without stopping! My abs however are complaining...
wunpaga hussein (6 days ago)
Who’s here from YB
Farida Tag (4 days ago)
wunpaga hussein meee 😂😂
SYUJE (6 days ago)
Who came from YB’s video?
stfu POtaTO (6 days ago)
The motivation helps a lot. I did the whole thing 😊
Leasi Taufa (7 days ago)
I feel great Thank you
Adrienne Howard (7 days ago)
*Iсh muss das teilen!!! In nur 1 Monаtеn habе ich gаnz 14kg vеrlоren! Ich емpfehlе аll меіnen Mädеls Еliхier Zdоrоv, weіl ich еs niсht мehr ertrаgеn kаnn anzusehen, wie sіе sich zu Tode hungеrn. Мehr Infоrmationеn hіer **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=hxjKZcOT17E*
Bianca Alaniz (8 days ago)
Wooo! Def a great workout. ❤️
Mia McCullagh (8 days ago)
I am 12 and I did 10 mins I feel good
Alison DiLaurentis (8 days ago)
That sure was extremely hurtful
Ahmad Hassan (8 days ago)
Is this for women only?
Kahdia (9 days ago)
I did the whole 10 mins 😝😁
Stephanie Patina (9 days ago)
It didn't change me
Nba real, (9 days ago)
How long did it take does it work P
Wafa Bitar (10 days ago)
I’ve been doing this for maybe 13 days
Never First (10 days ago)
So three months ago I started drinking loads of water with those little mio water flavorings and eating basically chicken, fish, eggs, and lots of vegetables. Plus doing this video and a couple of others. I'm down from 175 to 150! I had a child 3 years ago and finally losing my baby weight. It really does work if you keep doing it. For the last month I've been cheating a lot but I'm ready to get back at it and lose the last 15lbs I would like to get rid of. Good luck everyone!
Rock Earle (11 days ago)
lmao the girl in the video doesnt have six pack abs this VIDEOS A LIE
Gillian O'Neal (12 days ago)
You sound just like Tilly from season 7 of once upon a time!
Gracie Liv June (12 days ago)
Edel Gelston (12 days ago)
why is she screaming tho?! :D
Lily Flory (13 days ago)
i did it
Kirti P (13 days ago)
Holy hell, I'm burning and sweating. I'd been doing this on and off a couple of times a week but I'm gonna follow this religiously along with little cardio and clean diet. Also, I'm gonna update. Day 1: I could make it through the first round, however the second one got tougher. Nevertheless, I finished it. Them scissor kicks always kill me!
John Cena (12 days ago)
Starting 8th nov
jack9410 jack9410 (14 days ago)
I’ve been doing this exercise everyday for the past 6 months and I was 11% body fat now I’m at 6%
giselle mora (14 days ago)
I COMPLETED IT! doing it for these next two weeks before thanksgiving, gonna go home looking like a snack!
Priyanka Narwariya (14 days ago)
I did it the whole 10 mint.. ypee
Etay Luz (14 days ago)
I got through it!
Rick Canty (14 days ago)
Just had to watch this during no nut November... We'll get em' next time.
Dean Vos (11 days ago)
Sansan. Y. (15 days ago)
First Day Check (1/1)
legendary Leen (15 days ago)
tried this once (your killing me) and i decided ill do it everyday thanks xhit!
Maxwell Beran (15 days ago)
I can feel the burn
Norie Fe (15 days ago)
I was able to complete it today
Jen Mackenzie (15 days ago)
I’ve done this for a month now and seen huge differences. Each time it’s becoming easier and easier allowing me to up the reps and add weights to Russian twists. The only problem is I’ve found my body adapting to these exercises and only being able to do these certain movements.
silent hunter (16 days ago)
Leave a like if you made it😘😘😘😘😘
Vanessa Bae (17 days ago)
I have been doing this work out now for 2 months. It really works. I haven't been seeing a six pack yet. But my stomach is flatter and harder. You schould really stick to it !♡
Meryem S (17 days ago)
is it wierd that im only 10 but do this everyday?
Angel Huntress (17 days ago)
Oh my fking god my tummy hurts like fucking hell how does she do that??? (Sorry I can’t stop swearing it really hurts)
Angel Huntress (17 days ago)
Oh my god I made it through
Angel Huntress (17 days ago)
I have to stop the video like three times cause I feel like it’s gonna rip me apart. Wow... first day..
Auronita Radican (17 days ago)
I have done it!!!!!I will try to do it everyday. What is the ideal duration to see result? A week? a month? A year?
Tornado air (18 days ago)
Hi just started doing this today I am a newbie just wish me luck to have the fucking 6 packs lol
Mauricio Santamaria (19 days ago)
Hi, thanks, great workout, can you or somebody calculate how many calories we burn when do this? Thanks
Isabelle Tenace (19 days ago)
Great workout! Thank you!!
Allen Song (20 days ago)
Allen Song (12 days ago)
Allen Song (14 days ago)
Day 2restart
ShimiChic (20 days ago)
Yep 10 min abs!
Adrienne Howard (20 days ago)
*Ich muss das tеіlеn!!! In nur 1 Mоnаten habе ich ganz 14кg verlоren! Ich eмрfehlе all mеіnen Мädеls Еlіxier Zdorоv, wеіl iсh es nіcht мehr ertrаgen каnn anzusеhеn, wіе sіе sіch zu Tоde hungеrn. Мehr Infоrмatіonen hіer **vesensys.ru/elixier?v=hxjKZcOT17E*
Amr Vids (22 days ago)
Me and my mom made if through the hole thing😃😃!!!!
Sophia Schwarz (22 days ago)
I did it! It was a great workout!
syahya01 (23 days ago)
awesome workout. Thank you.
Ruth Edge (23 days ago)
I love your workouts !😗
Sara Højlund (23 days ago)
Would anyone be interested in if I made a YouTube channel and then did this workout and updated it on there?
Wilky Singer (24 days ago)
I did it and I am only 12
What are the ages to get abs?
Hell queen (24 days ago)
I have just done this exercise at night... I don't even sweat a littlt but my stomach hurts while doing exercise which mean it is working😊wish me luck❤... I'll update after 1 week guys😇
Hell queen (16 days ago)
It's already one week but still I don't see any difference 😭😭😭
Hell queen (21 days ago)
+Dakara iv oky 😊👍
Dakara iv (21 days ago)
i see :) good luck and lets keep going ;D
Hell queen (21 days ago)
+Dakara iv ohh! I have completed 4days😊😊 but i didn't do 1day
Dakara iv (21 days ago)
+Hell queen yeah i guess xD well i dont have a big belly so i think it wont take so much time to build some muscles in it lol but i have joints problems so doing leg draps is kinda hard for me xD btw ive just completed my fourth day *sunglasses* wbu?
Aya Adnan (25 days ago)
I love you! Thank you for the video and your attitude!!
Rodr 2112 (25 days ago)
i was barely able to do it gotta work on my cardio
Hannah Jones (25 days ago)
I have been doing this for 1 month and it works nicely
Kiera PlayZ (26 days ago)
How long does it take to actually get the proper six packs and if you stop once you have six packs will they go ?
Sophia Hansen (27 days ago)
I am in so much pain oh my god
Roblox Codes (27 days ago)
Been watching this channel for ages its thanks to you I ain't fat so I'm greatful for someone to help me out.#greatful #HOORAY
Satnam Singh (27 days ago)
What we have to do after workout
joyce koeman (27 days ago)
I was wondering how many calories you burn with this workout?
Alex Murray (28 days ago)
If the Russian twist is too easy then keep your feet close to the ground but not on it. And I've been looking for so long for a good workout but I always forgot because they were never fun or interesting but this one is so fun
Georgia The Fabulous (29 days ago)
i did this exercise 15 times and see no results. i still have a bloated stomach
Not A Bully No Bulling (29 days ago)
20 min
Not A Bully No Bulling (29 days ago)
I did it twice
Alex Murray (29 days ago)
Love it😊❤
Lynda Shah (30 days ago)
Why this video gets so much dislikes??? Me at the first 3mins was out of breath.. and at min 5, I was sweating like a pig.. and at the end of the 10mins, I’m glad I’ve ended it well.. gonna do for the next 2weeks straight 💪🏼🙌🏼
lacccccce (30 days ago)
I tried this workout for the first time today and holy did I feel the burn. I had a lot of “burn” in my lower back too- so much that I often had to stop for 5 seconds. Is that normal? Any tips?
valeriemz (30 days ago)
This workout is amazing just 5 days and i see a 6 pack coming!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuu! I do the 10mnt and 7 mnts all together back to back every day. I wish i could post a picture.
Mind Blown (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who doesn’t feel anything whenever I do abs workouts? Like I used to feel my stomach burn and everything but now I don’t feel it burning anymore I’m pretty sure I do all the workouts correctly and this is the first time I do this abs workout video I feel like I’m working out for no reason
Once upon a Time (1 month ago)
I cant feel my legs call the cops and the ambulance
Natasha Orlova (1 month ago)
Love this workout! The best thing for me is her talking, so I dont focus on time, especially when I am doing side planks. Its so good. Dont feel much at the first 2 exercises but then it builds up and by the time I'm doing planks I am dying, it hurts so much. But its spring time here in Australia and I need good abs. I am not fat,174cm tall, 62kg Max ( between 59 and 62all the time) but still people think I am pregnant on some days when bloated. I gave birth 11 years ago, so stomach not as tight as before birth ((((: So I hope with Bec's help I will look less "pregnant".
sarinya soon (1 month ago)
First time follow your VDO à bit difficult but really enjoy.
TESS EMILY (1 month ago)
This was the best! Not boring!
vkook forever (1 month ago)
I have been doing this workout for the past 2 weeks and I really see that six pack coming tough thanks for this video 💖
Arti Rumpal (1 month ago)
Great work Rebecca! Love your energy and how you keep me motivated to not give up xx
Ivy Blake (1 month ago)
5 likes and i do this everyday
Misty Cruickshank (1 month ago)
I did it!!
Brown Family (1 month ago)
5 whole days of doing this workout the whole 10 minutes! It took me about 3 days to finally to the full second round but already I see my abs slightly coming together. Sacrifice just 10 minutes every day guys! I always make a smoothie after a workout to feel rejuvenated
Kimberly Gromov (1 month ago)
Midway through the last plank she says, "You've done an excellent job so far guys! If you've managed to keep up with me you deserve a pat on the back!" Me struggling to hold my plank... "Pat me on the back right now and I WILL kill you!"
Natasha Orlova (1 month ago)
Same, planks at the end of workout - that's the art of torture, especially the side planks. Honestly, cant hold side planks full 30sec. Not yet ): I REALLY can feel the burn on my sides!!! Hope I'm not doing it for nothing
Fai Lambrechts (1 month ago)
After years of doing this I’m starting to speak along with her hahahhahaha I can feel the burn! Let’s face the other way!
J Kim (1 month ago)
Bernadette Thomas (1 month ago)
Great job i never back down i have a six pack already
Jasmin Maldonado (1 month ago)
I LOVE IT🙏🏽❤️😘
Jasmin Maldonado (1 month ago)
Nikita Lefevere (1 month ago)
I did this for the first time and I tried to keep my back on the floor while doing the flutter kicks, but my back hurts too much to finish this exercise. And the V-crunches look easy but I couldn't even do one :-p Guess I still have alot of exercises to go!
Natasha Orlova (1 month ago)
Same, because its coming off the floor. I wish it was a superglue for the back just for lower abs exercises. Try dead bug instead. You will feel your abs, not back. First reps you feel nothing, but later on you will, well I do. I replaced some exercises to make sure I dont hurt my back.
Jayden KOROUA (1 month ago)
1: I watched this before doing it 2: I tried it 3: I relaxed 4: I went to sleep 5:Next day I was happy Read It in this order:3145

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