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Neutral Ground - Sea Wolf

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Among the trees and by the river lying there, my darling shivers In her sleep she dreams of winter whiter than her breast. I feel her heart move through her chest warm and steady as she rests. Hear water ebbing with her breath lulling me to sleep. Light from a source unseen reflected by the moon on rocks collected near our bodies unexpected Pulls us from out dreams. We turn onto our backs and see a streak of light above the trees and lie here on our bed of leaves listening to each other breathe. And here in the sky lights flash before our eyes I feel your warm hand slipping into mine and we lay and we wonder when will I come around? Do I know what you are feeling now? This morning we drove out of town into the hills and looking down saw the ocean all around as far as we could see. Continued on into the clouds through bursts of rain brief and loud to silent mountains tall and proud Here is where we lay. And here in the sky lights flash before our eyes I feel your warm hand slipping into mine and we lay and we wonder when Will I come around? Do I know what you are feeling here on neutral ground?
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Text Comments (37)
Marjorie Tayupanta (6 months ago)
Blue Bug (10 months ago)
My favourite song ❤
Leandro Encantado (1 year ago)
Sex and Breakfast 2007 <3
Dylan Rossev (2 years ago)
C. Albus (2 months ago)
ReviewCam (1 year ago)
Cecília Costa (4 years ago)
Simplesmente perfeita!!!
Ep1cDuCK (5 years ago)
Why wouldn't you want good bands to succeed? That's kinda mean, actually.
Saul Peña (29 days ago)
Yesss why. I found about this band in 2007! And i said they are going to be huge but nothing yet!
Hope Sparks (5 years ago)
Ugh so perfect
emileemaree (5 years ago)
the heartbreak is when it starts getting popular.
Jojo Beary (5 years ago)
heaven for my ears <3
xHUSKYx117 (5 years ago)
this is a song....i like song...
Patrick Queiroz (6 years ago)
the greatest haha
looky khan (6 years ago)
My funeral music sorted..
Emily King (6 years ago)
So pretty it makes my heart hurt.
Finn Noble (6 years ago)
simply and utterly beautiful. this is the song i want playing at the moment of my death.
Kayla Davenport (6 years ago)
this song just.. touches my soul~ XD sea wolf is my favorite band ever.. ♥
Christy (6 years ago)
Wow,this is pure poetry
Ashleigh Norton (7 years ago)
I was so happy when I found out this was on the soundtrack for 'The Greatest'. I love when I find a song by these guys on a movie.
hurrelled (7 years ago)
@AtOddsBand no, you're right, it does look like a wolf.
vanessa (7 years ago)
im obsessed with this song
Lhanna213 (7 years ago)
the greatest song in the entire world, hands down.
Amir Wahid (7 years ago)
Sea Wolf, has been helping me fight depression : )
Blue Bug (10 months ago)
ReviewCam (1 year ago)
vveveness (8 years ago)
this makes me cry.
April Scott (8 years ago)
@SEMIprofoundness Don't Joke About Disablilities. Not Cool.
April Scott (8 years ago)
@SEMIprofoundness So I Talk In Titles? Its A Habbit. Tweens Say LOLZ...And Thats... Uhhh Why Do I Even Bother? Go Hide Under A Rock.
SEMIprofoundness (8 years ago)
@massiekkur95 sure just saying, just saying you're a tween with A Really Dumb Way Of Talking
April Scott (8 years ago)
@SEMIprofoundness Not Very Nice Of You To Say That About Her. You Don't Know Her... And You Can Too Dedicate A Song That You Don't Write... And You Did End Up Looking Like A Dumbass... Just Saying.
LtShock (8 years ago)
What a great song.
run2me (8 years ago)
i like this song alot, thankz for the upload! :]
SEMIprofoundness (8 years ago)
@emilygal100 how do you dedicate a song you didn't write oh silly me, you're one of those people with disabilities
Emily Gallagher (8 years ago)
beautiful sng dis 1 is 4 u cara dedicated 4 u <3
Jmm (8 years ago)
on the fourth stanza of the lyrics it should say "breathe," not "breath" one of my favorites from this bandd :]
Jenniferladybug (8 years ago)
Love this song! <3

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