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Creating the Mosaic and Stained Glass Look - Ep5 part5

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I'm making glass art that looks like glass mosaic and stained glass! Toni Scott-Daniel - Producer/Host www.yourhouseahometv.com
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shamila siddiqui (28 days ago)
Hi toni. Very informative videos. Can you please tell me how to make grout for mosaic at home?
Marilyn Capehart (2 months ago)
WOW-WOW-WOW Amazing @ how Creative, It Really Beautiful Toni I am going to make one for my Niece , Her Mother my Big Sister and Myself. My Sister Passed 9-10-18
Stelarview Bella (3 months ago)
I love your videos🦋
sasinapa k (3 months ago)
Thanks for good idea , I love it
Brenda Kearns (3 months ago)
My jaw just dropped seeing your finished work! Absolutely stunning!!!
holymosesjew (5 months ago)
How did you paint the black and red cancel holder
holymosesjew (5 months ago)
Where did you get those giant glass plates?
GoSariGo (5 months ago)
Your channel has given me life ❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽🌻 I’m so hopeful for my outdoor space
Catherine r (7 months ago)
Fits in so well with your beautiful home. Very elegant!!
Linnette Fletcher (8 months ago)
question what can you not do I just love everything you put your hands on
Your House a Home TV (8 months ago)
Lol! Thanks.
CECILIA XU (8 months ago)
what type of the paint you used?
muhsina haris (9 months ago)
PandiieBear (9 months ago)
I would never guess that these would be so simple (though time consuming) to make! They're stunning and you are so talented
Maxine Blanchette (9 months ago)
Christina Cabbi (10 months ago)
I have a question. I have 2 sets (all red) of the black and red candle holders you have. I would love to add black to make them look like yours. What would be the best way to achieve this look? Thank you. By the way your work is AMAZING!!
Your House a Home TV (9 months ago)
I'll probably have to see a photo of your candle holders to give the best advice, could you upload a picture to my FaceBook page:https://www.facebook.com/Your-House-A-Home-356785534470632/?ref=hl. But if you mean you want the bottom stem to be black, you can brush on a black multi-surface acrylic paint to the stem or add black to the inside of the bowl if you want the red & black look at the top. I have a metallic paint that should work well: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWU0CE9/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=
Hala Brothers (10 months ago)
very good idea
sunita bose (10 months ago)
beautiful , what glue have u used for d glass dish to hang
Tara Finlay (1 year ago)
Beautiful, clever idea.
HakunaMatata (1 year ago)
Wow, beautiful tablescape! You made that look so effortless (even though I'm sure it's not) Looks Amazing! Thanks for sharing.
Shirleen Battal (1 year ago)
you are not only beautiful and talented you are the queen of elegance and everyone could only dream to have your talents!
Arte e Projeto (1 year ago)
Hello, i love this video and I'd like to do it. You said you used paint and glue, how much glue and how much paint? I d love to know. Thank you.
Tamara Russaw (1 year ago)
I tried this project, gut my black paint lines were not as precise as yours. what brand of brush and paints did you use? my brush was very hard or course.
pauline adams (1 year ago)
Anna Parga (1 year ago)
How long does it take you to complete one dish from start to finish?
Tamara Russaw (1 year ago)
Dee Walker (1 year ago)
You are very talented...I love it!
sensiblesue333 (1 year ago)
These are gorgeous! Oh my gosh. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the idea.
Reza Motekhasses (1 year ago)
very good job.bravo
Miss M (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this technique clear and fairly simple to do. This is going on my project list ASAP. You keep inspiring me and I'm so grateful:)
sandy gardens (1 year ago)
hi which paints did you use? acrylics? thanks
Your House a Home TV (1 year ago)
I used multi-surface acrylic paints. I have a set of metallic acrylic paint used for this, you can order from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWU0CE9
Sylvia callahan (1 year ago)
One question, Tony. Where did you find the round mirrows you glued to the small plates? Thanks!!
Your House a Home TV (1 year ago)
I got the mirror and glass plates from Dollar Tree.
Sylvia callahan (1 year ago)
Hi Tony, I absolutely love your work. Thank you so much for sharing your videos and creativity. I'm recently retired and you have inspired me to tap into my creativity and start creating. Today, I went to shop for materials to create my stained glass plate. I look forward to future postings. Blessings, Sylvia Callahan.
Anna Bell (1 year ago)
Just beautiful!
Emily Gregory (1 year ago)
i came across your channel and i LOVE it!!! you are so crafty!!!
thesunwillshineonme (1 year ago)
Very Talented
sukey njeri (1 year ago)
Thank you for this. Simple to understand and tastefully done. I made my own version and love it! <3
David Smith (1 year ago)
Beautiful work! Not the kind of DIY I was searching for but I watched anyway because the plates are stylish,,, and you're gorgeous, that helped. :^)
dcaramelone (1 year ago)
I'm going to try this. Thank you. You are very talented.
Gladys Alonso (1 year ago)
No hablo ingles pero mirando sus videos e podido aprender muchas cosas de manualidades que encantadoras felicidades por todo lo que hace
Septina Willis (1 year ago)
Hi..YourHouseAHome..I watch all of your videos daily..Love..Love The Mosaic And Stained Glass Look..you are so artistic..Love ya..💖💖💖💖
Blue Jupiter (1 year ago)
Absolutely beautiful! Very simple method but the result is amazing. You're very talented. I plan to try this!😍
lamis kaba (1 year ago)
Just wow
curt childress (1 year ago)
Another fun project that we can all do! And thanks for showing us how to make a hanger out of a washer and some wire! That's an excellent idea! ...Love your videos big time!
Maria Doss (1 year ago)
love, love, love it!
Karen Boston Jackson (1 year ago)
You are awesome! I love your ideas and work.
Kathie Frobe (1 year ago)
Everything you do is so beautiful, you are so gifted. I love the painted glass videos. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.
Your House a Home TV (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Pearl All (1 year ago)
Your stuff is beautiful, as much as you and your clothes! congratulations!
Now this is something I have never done... These are absolutely beautiful...... I'm going to try my hand at these... Thank you...
RubyOpheliaQuinn (2 years ago)
You are so talented. I love the art nouveau feeling that these have
Timeca Heard (2 years ago)
hi I'm a new subscriber I absolutely love your channel you are so talented keep the videos coming cause I'm learning so much thank you for sharing your talents
E Leaks (2 years ago)
Extra nice.
Wonder Allen (2 years ago)
How do you do it? I am so making this one for my back screened in porch. I really am,
UriYah Ysrayl (2 years ago)
This video was great... I went through many, but only this one made the technique simple and clear!
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
Great, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!
Chelovyek (2 years ago)
Great video.
bornkool (2 years ago)
Nice project, I think I will try it.
nytflyt7 (2 years ago)
Miss Toni!!! You did it AGAIN! BRAVO! Another work of beauty & art....THIS particular video took my breath away cuz I've never seen anyone do this!! LOVE IT!! I might attempt but I shake a little and a steady hand is needed, right...sigh ;) TFS Blessings & Luv, lynda xo
Shirley Osborne (2 years ago)
loved the mosaic plate, beautiful job. A new subscriber, keep your designs coming, very classy.
Kimberly Dobbs (2 years ago)
ur beyond talented!!
Kimberly Dobbs (2 years ago)
these are BadAss!!!!! luuuv them
AMSW6330 (2 years ago)
That is so BEAUTIFUL
Katina Choiniere (2 years ago)
You are so creative and the results are beautiful. Seeing your family and friends enjoying the wonderful surroundings at the end of your video brought a smile to my face. I also loved the mosaic birdbath you did and am planning on doing one myself very soon for my own garden. Looking forward to more or your wonderful videos.
Debra Brown-Rawls (2 years ago)
What was the name of the coating that you used? Your projects are always so beautiful!
wonderfullymade (2 years ago)
you are so talented
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+wonderfullymade Thank you.
Zachary Hlavinka (2 years ago)
5:19 Funny. Great how you calmly stop the plate from rattling without skipping a beat
designsbymtj (2 years ago)
You are so talented and amazing! I should be asleep but I'm glued to your channel!! Excellent job!!!!!
Sylvia Gray (2 years ago)
I don't know what say except God has definitely blessed you with some awesome talent!
Maggie Carey (2 years ago)
Very nice!
Rachel Johnson (2 years ago)
TheThrillofTheThrift (2 years ago)
I just love these Toni! You're so creative & artistic. :O)
Julia Lyons (2 years ago)
I'm in awe! I can't wait to make one of these decorative plates!
MrsLadyRae35 (2 years ago)
I have a question? How did you paint the black lines without it having spaces in the paint? (not sure if that's how you would describe it)
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+MrsLadyRae35 Use a small round brush that forms a point at the tip. Dip the brush in the paint and lightly roll the brush in the paint so that you have that point at the tip of the brush. The acrylic craft paint (in 2oz bottles) works better because it is thinner than the canvas paint in the tubes.
MrsLadyRae35 (2 years ago)
+Your House a Home TV Ok thanks for the tips. Maybe it's the paint or the brushes I have because what I noticed is that you only dipped your brush once and was able to draw a complete line or two when I could barely make one line without having to re dip my brush in the paint and it would always leave steaks...idk maybe this just isn't for me...lol
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+MrsLadyRae35 1) I painted the design first with black the paint. 2) I painted the colors inside (some of the colors overlapped the black lines). 3) I went over the the black lines of the design again. 4) I added black lines across the colors to make it look like there are more pieces. I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, but if you want no white space between the black and the color, overlap the color and go back to define the black line.
MrsLadyRae35 (2 years ago)
I am soooo happy I found your channel, you are very talented and blessed. Thank you for sharing your gift. 😀
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+MrsLadyRae35 You be Blessed! Thanks.
Tracey Bridges (2 years ago)
Hi, I've been a silent subscriber for a while.  Today I finally did a version of this DIY.  I could tell you all the things I love about you and/or your channel, or I can tell you one important thing....You inspired (and inspire) me.  I so hope you are able to put up more videos...a lot.  I am so happy with how my DIY turned out, yet strangely enough the credit goes to you. Know that you have been a blessing to someone, put a smile on their face, given them a sense of satisfaction.<3 & :) More please.
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+Tracey Bridges Thank you so much!!! I so appreciate this message. I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know that I can give something to you through my videos. Be Blessed! Toni
Jeanne Thomas (2 years ago)
Wow, they are absolutely beautiful. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
kat CARVING (2 years ago)
Nicley done very creative ,
Hazeline Downer (7 months ago)
Yu are beautiful, your vedio are an inspiration. Very talented WOWWWW!
lisa p. (2 years ago)
Can you come decorate my house. LOL!  You are so talented.
Happydimples39 (2 years ago)
I'm on my way to the store now, I love them. I love decorating and channel has given me tones of ideas.☺ tfs
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+Happydimples39 Thanks so much for watching!
Chakaris Buckley (2 years ago)
You never cease to amaze me. I have to make this for my sofa table because these are the colors of my living room. I think it will draw attention to the lighting as well as my pillows. #fabulous!
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+Chakaris Buckley I think it will be beautiful Chakaris! Have fun and happy decorating!
sueldrsyluvsutube (2 years ago)
That turned out beautifully. I'm curious though...did you only paint one coat of the acrylic colors on the plate to give it that stain glass look? Thanks.
Your House a Home TV (2 years ago)
+sueldrsyluvsutube Yes, I did use just paint one coat of the colors. But even if you paint more than one coat it will be more opaque but still transparent. The metallic paint goes on pretty light.
Maxi Love2Learn (3 years ago)
Love it...very nice!
Jacqueline Fry (3 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful! Love the way your porch turned out. You are so talented.
paperroses352 Kaufman (3 years ago)
That is beautiful..
liorantes1 (3 years ago)
Ok....I love your channel...I have been looking for something like this. More elegant looking. Not cheap tacky stuff! LOVE!!!! Thanks!!!
Winter Child (3 years ago)
OMG! I love this! Please keep these videos coming. 😃lucky I don't live close by cause I'd be trying to visit everyday to get ideas.
evelyn jones (3 years ago)
You did an amazing job
katreased (3 years ago)
I just made this and it's gorgeous! My husband could barely believe it was the same plate! I can't wait to do more of your projects.
Marcia Riley (3 years ago)
GOSH...you make it seem sooooo easy without making a mess.  Thanks for continuing to share your creative house/home ideas (smile).
pfengwa44 (3 years ago)
I'm hooked on your channel!  Love these pieces.  You are so creative and artistic.
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+pfengwa44 Thank you so much!! So happy you're enjoying the channel.
La Knight (3 years ago)
So creative!!!! Love it!
cowcollector6 (3 years ago)
Beautiful !!!!! Did you say you used glue in this project? If so when did you use the glue? I didn't catch that part. Thanks so much.
cowcollector6 (3 years ago)
+Your House a Home TV Thank you. I don't know why I was thinking the glue was mixed with the paint. Thanks again.
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+cowcollector6 Thank you! I used glue (at the end of the video) to attach the washers to the back of the stained glass mirrors so that they could hang in the windows of my screened in porch.
silver tea cakes (3 years ago)
Love it!
Trell of all Trades (3 years ago)
So pretty!!!  I did a similar project, with a vase, a while ago.  Love it!!!
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+latrellndickens Thank you. I would love to see your vase!
This is one of my favorite Toni videos. I wanted something unique for my kitchen and I love this! Your videos are so refreshing. I was wondering how you going to hang them. Genius! My neice traveled to Italy last summer and I was so captivated by the beautiful mosaics in all of her photos. This video really helped. When I make these plates I would like to add your link for this video in the comments area as a reference. Just gorgeous Toni. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+AMATEUR DECORATING LIKE A PRO Thank you Cathryn, that's really nice! I can't wait to see how your plates turn out!
Thrifty Chica (3 years ago)
That is so pretty! Great idea!
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+Thrifty Chica Thank you Ashly!
SwagRican23 (3 years ago)
Just beautiful, thanks
Running On Coffee (3 years ago)
A great tutorial !  I love your home! You are so classy.
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+Rosemarie Mello Oh, Thank you!
Juani's House (3 years ago)
I love this craft. Everything is beautiful.
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+Juani's House Thank you Juani!
Sheila Herb (3 years ago)
Florence Black (3 years ago)
Very Beautiful greetings from GERMANY i Love it all your video s
Your House a Home TV (3 years ago)
+Florence Black Danke! Und Dank für das Überwachen.

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