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10 Min Abs Workout -- At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

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Find out how many calories this 10 Minute Abs Workout burns @ http://bit.ly/x3Llm6 4 Week Abs Program @ https://goo.gl/3ulIiz Search the most effective & affordable workout programs on the web @ http://bit.ly/13EdZgX Find us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/zDxh3R Instagram @ http://bit.ly/LeZwmC Google+ @ http://bit.ly/1clGvI3 twitter @ http://bit.ly/1BnC8cm Pinterest @ http://bit.ly/1xvTt3s Note: All information provided by Fitness Blender is of a general nature and is furnished only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual specific health or medical condition. You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Fitness Blender harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims. Thank you for watching! Help us spread the word about our free full length workout videos by sharing this on your favorite social networking site.
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Text Comments (9278)
Nick Vars (1 hour ago)
without clock and buzzer is no so useful !!!!!
Peter Wilkinson (13 hours ago)
Thanks Daniel, You & Kelly are a great resource for me. I appreciate all of your great FREE workouts
Mario Wolfe Art (14 hours ago)
That last exercise is the death of me.
softboyholland (16 hours ago)
Doing this every day until December to see if I get any results! Day 1: pretty hard, some exercises I had to do my own version because it hurt my arms/wrists.
Diana Alvirde (16 hours ago)
Girl I almost farted a toot up in the gym
Som Mirza (1 day ago)
Oops tried doing this but my back neck is paining
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Shakeel Shareef Ss (1 day ago)
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trasha.e (2 days ago)
*laying on the badroom floor, feeling nothing* me after trying this for 2 minutes
Lovely Amaro (2 days ago)
Success 😊 thankyou! super worth it.
crazypotato 123 (2 days ago)
I do have abs I just like to keep them cushioned and safe inside 😂😥
Talitha elonen (3 days ago)
I can’t even put my legs up that high😂😭😭
Mario Wolfe Art (14 hours ago)
DUDE SAME! I can’t make them straight like that.
J0NEZYY (4 days ago)
The toe touches always ruin me I’m telling ya lol
Seleena M-ali (4 days ago)
Omg i quit half way i couldn't
astrid wib (4 days ago)
7: 33 and before that is the hardest part of the exercise
saachi sawant (5 days ago)
Started with the first exercise, did it for like 10 seconds. Then died.
Miri Sisolak (5 days ago)
My gym teacher used to say if you don't feel the burn your doing it wrong.🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️
Tamiii Fitness (5 days ago)
This really burns lol i had to stop....i will start again i wont give up im not a quitter i got this😢🤞🤞😩😩😂
Ravenheart (4 days ago)
I did this workout for three weeks last year summer, had a slim stomache. mom said i looked better but keep in mind, i did swimming. now im back here again, actualy trying to get those abs. Im doing this plus the other ten minute workout that they have , everyday. I did this for a week.p now, ill update, im also doing swimteam 3/4 days a week so.im starting off with a 26.5 inch waist
Ravenheart (2 days ago)
day 10 done. yesterday was a rest day.
Ravenheart (5 days ago)
day 8 done
Ravenheart (6 days ago)
day 7 done
Lonely Potato Sack (6 days ago)
Great burnout after the kickboxing and strength workout I did before it. Damn I’m hungry 😅 And proud of myself :) #FBSweat Day 24 Extra Challenge done! #workoutcomplete 13.11.18
THE SIYA SHOW (6 days ago)
Fr I can't do half of the exercise and plz anyone tell me if I would get abs if I do half of it 😢
Hitchcock And skully (7 days ago)
I love this routine, don’t get me wrong, but his voice gives me the shits
Kristen Jones (7 days ago)
I used to do this workout in February last year, i used to add their 32 mins cardio with this one, i had lost atleast 5 kgs in the span of a month, provided i used to eat clean. I am starting this again, this id one of the best ab workouts out there.
Oliver Taylor (8 days ago)
This shit mad hard
S.G Wolfhard (8 days ago)
This actually works!😨
Carly Gibbs (8 days ago)
There was a chocolate bar ad that came on before and during the video😂
Clarizza Balmores (9 days ago)
NOW I HATE FOOD!! This is so hard!! 😭😂
Chicken Nuggets (9 days ago)
Just had a massive weekend comfort binge eat 😪 Then did this workout twice and I feel better now 😁 I can literally feel my abs burning with gratitude. The thing I love best about this channel is the guys voice over the whole video- he's saving me so much money on a personal trainer! It keeps me motivated and the tips are super useful, and I love when he reminds you to keep your core tight because every time I'm guilty of relaxing it! These videos actually get you good results! Tysm xx
Marc Vince Paracuelles (10 days ago)
lol im not even doing the first one correctly for 20 seconds and im already tired
Rebecca Fox (11 days ago)
Um I could only do the first one for like 10 seconds lol
Julia Phillips (11 days ago)
My body feel so free with this work. I love it " 2018 "
IWantCake (11 days ago)
I'm going to be trying this fo a month! I'll. Be updating everyday unless I can't. Day one completed
i gave up after doing twice of the first exercise
Nerdie Quirks (13 days ago)
I’ve been doing this workout for a couple of months (every day, 6-7 days a week) and I’ve seen some amazing results. I’ve slimmed down and even gained a bit of muscles (but too much). It’s an amazing workout.
olive olly (13 days ago)
Omg *does first one* DAMN THIS IS HARD AF
Littzy Zecua (14 days ago)
My neck hurts :(
LI Views (14 days ago)
She makes it look soooooo easy, I’m dying here!
Louise GaryAVBl (15 days ago)
great workout, threw up twice
Yue Di (15 days ago)
I started this workout today and I pause sometimes because i'm reminded of the comment section. So, i just laugh and laugh then go back to the workout. Hahaha my first day's a disaster!
Your Local Bee (15 days ago)
Why does my spine hurt or rub against the surface when I do toe touch crunches?
Mario Wolfe Art (12 days ago)
You’re probably not doing it on a soft enough surface.
_giuliandie _ (15 days ago)
started 3 days ago, just finished today's workout. It was easier this time, I feel my abdomen worked in the past few days and I start seeing a little change in my obliques :)
Uguumur Mungun (16 days ago)
i see results
ndgo327 (17 days ago)
you guys are great! sweet and to the point.
Ankur Thakur Fitness (18 days ago)
hookie hookie (18 days ago)
1 like =2 pushups on haloween 2k18
Super #yari2 yari
Mariana Solorio (19 days ago)
Thank you so much to everyone who made this video.
Tae BMO (19 days ago)
Started this on October 31th 2018 cause l really wanna get rid of my belly fat and why not get some abs ^^ l'll try to keep updated and motivated
Tae BMO (17 days ago)
Day 3 l did the workout in another place that my usual place and on a matress rather than a mat
Tae BMO (18 days ago)
Day 2 l realize lm glad there is a video break in the middle
Tae BMO (19 days ago)
Day 1 was really difficult but l was motivated to start this. l couldnt do every exercise all the way. Some are harder than it looks see u tmr
Jasmine Ice (20 days ago)
Which is the best time to do tis
Rhiannon Podlewski (20 days ago)
The voice over while workout is going on... excellent :) keeping me focused on important points while doing the motion is always helpful to me..this formula is a keeper..
KiraiNelle652 (21 days ago)
What's great about this is i can stop and go whenever i want
Mario Wolfe Art (10 days ago)
KiraiNelle652 Okay
KiraiNelle652 (10 days ago)
+Mario Wolfe Art that's how i get use to the work out to a point where i don't need to stop. already now i can do these work outs almost a full 45 seconds.
Mario Wolfe Art (12 days ago)
That’s how you DON’T see results.
Azmina Hussain (22 days ago)
Lord Summerisle (22 days ago)
i started this over 4 months ago i was a 400 pound slob of a man, and now i am a beautiful slim woman
Ava Robertson (22 days ago)
how did everyone get so lucky to have an ad in the middle of a workout? all my ads happened in between😩
Peter Nazari (22 days ago)
christina sherin (23 days ago)
Please suggest how to do lounges properly
Pink Milkshake、 (23 days ago)
You know your out of shape when you find yourself heavy breathing after one of these tbh
Leah Cheng Luna (24 days ago)
Always looking in my stomach but I saw no abs
Memphis Stef (23 days ago)
Depends on the food you eat and how often tho
Angielyn Catubag (24 days ago)
how many times should do this a day? pls. answer.. thanks :-)
Zakithi Ganyaza (25 days ago)
I love it I enjoyed it I tried it bcz of the humor that is in the comments though to be honest.Its so refreshing doing this I love the guy's voice😊
Radhika Vyas (25 days ago)
How many calories does this routine burn?
Meeko Wibbens (25 days ago)
Holy crap i did it
Howl Pendragon (26 days ago)
Jermirah Abraham (27 days ago)
Only way i can get a body is from chole ting
Nadine A. (27 days ago)
Wow 60M views :p
Priscila Borges (28 days ago)
You guys are the best. Thank you!
Viktor Olah (28 days ago)
OK. Its time to start .... who wants to join ?
Tracy Neal (29 days ago)
gone try this routine
Connie B. (29 days ago)
When in doubt, Fitness Blend it. I do this wearing my THERMOSCULPT, that thing makes me sweat like hell. I'll sometimes add some ankle weights too whilst doing this workout.
sorry it might sound gross... but I couldn't stop farting throughout the whole routine....
Kieran Shae (30 days ago)
I have terrible leg flexibility, I can't touch my toes in any position
Mario Wolfe Art (12 days ago)
I can’t straighten my legs at all.
Monica Tatontos (30 days ago)
Llllooollllllll me too
Marcela Parra (30 days ago)
Cada cuantos días debemos Repetir esta rutina ? Gracias de antemano
J&J play all day (1 month ago)
👋👋 Hey Hey !! You know this was tough at first but, after a few weeks, got with the flow of things. Feels like there is a workout partner when watching the video and working out 👍👍
Memphis Stef (23 days ago)
Did it help get you abs? Its my first week of doing this but I think it also depends on my diet and what other excercises I do
Isabella Bibby (1 month ago)
i did this with my ten year old daughter
Shadow Productions (1 month ago)
I was on the last workout when my cat came and layed on me lol
break even (1 month ago)
Starting today eh...
Maria Kai (1 month ago)
It's always hard when you go onto a fitness video and the preview before the video starts is of fried, sugary, processed food.
Rafael Neves (1 month ago)
Anybody know the phone nunber of the girl? Im in loveeeeeeeeeeee
Riverious (1 month ago)
I could barely feel a burn 5 mins in.. definitely not doing it right. 😩
Ann marie Boland (1 month ago)
Best workout ever
loox (1 month ago)
45 seconds each. 1.Flutter kicks 2.Reaching oblique crunches 3.Pilates side hip raises 4.Russian twist 5.Toe touch crunches 6.Pilates leg pulls (facing down) 7.Pilates leg pulls (facing up) 8.Pilates toe taps 9.Knee tuck crunches
Cheyenne Mathews (1 month ago)
I need to loose a few inches I started this yesterday and did it 2 times I lost 1.5 inches I'm trying now to do it 3 times a day and I hope to see some good results
Steliana Petronela (1 month ago)
Great video, but no breaks?
Mario Wolfe Art (28 days ago)
You got breaks in between exercises. How are you supposed to gain anything when you’re taking long breaks after getting slightly tired?
SimplyCinthia (1 month ago)
Starting right now after this comment is posted. Small background: I’m 5 ft 3 in, weigh around 125lbs. I play soccer Sunday, Tuesday’s and Fridays.. occasionally Saturday. I get my cardio from that. My diet: I eat basically whatever I want, I have love handles the most but not too much stomach fat but I get very bloated!! I’m going to try and eat home cooked meals more than eat out, and drink more water. I’ll update every day even if it’s a “rest day.”
SimplyCinthia (1 month ago)
Day two: today was a rest day, I had a game last night, ended up straining my foot. I’ve decided on days I don’t play soccer I will be doing this video, along with Gabriella Whited (I think her last lame) video as well as 1-2 mile run. But I’m not sore from yesterday’s workout which is disappointing... I also ate 4 tacos today from Taco Bell :( hoping tomorrow is better
SimplyCinthia (1 month ago)
Day One: I was able to push through it, there was 2 exercises I couldn’t do, my whole body was shaking way too much. Also I’ve had two knee surgeries so keeping my knees completely straight is impossible for me. Other than that I feel tired, my abs hurt. I also am going to incorporate 2 mile run on the treadmill and some of Gabbys ab work outs. I’m going to incorporate these tomorrow since i don’t play.
Kiriakos Tse (1 month ago)
one comment. maybe when we do the exercise is important also the breathing? i think isnt mentioned on the video neither i see the woman breath in and out. maybe i am wrong.
Elizabeth Anne 33 (1 month ago)
This shit hurts when you first do it 😪
Peach (1 month ago)
*_A L M O S T O V E R_*
Olivia's Catastrophe (1 month ago)
This was a great one for my abs and I really enjoyed it. I'd never done those knee tuck crunches at the end there and man, they were difficult! A nice challenge ;)
ahmed seidu (1 month ago)
JUMANAH (1 month ago)
Often Msp (1 month ago)
jesse underhill acually liked this video xD love you anyway jesse
Abdallah Swedan (1 month ago)
I am dying 😂 this is so hard for someone who haven't worked out in months😥
sashry dewmini (1 month ago)
Thanks you.👍👍👍
jalitza Villegas (1 month ago)
Flutter kicks Crunches but reach for the calves Side plank hip raise Russian twist Toe touch Foot to sky things push up position Foot to sky reverse push up position
The first time is the hardest and painful 😫 I had never been the type to exercise but I like this 😁 My stomach is looking flatter than before 😊 After one baby this is what I need 😍
JB Mulaa (1 month ago)
I’m doing this rn I’m update fr fr after a month nov 1st I been doing it for 11 days
Sonya Lockhart (1 month ago)
I know I’ll always be ugly and fat I find this video won’t help me.
Ashton Fourth (1 month ago)
Story of my life almost done
Anna Jo (1 month ago)
This vid so old but i was too young for abs but now I aint. (Im 14 lmaoo) but I love growing abs so I need feedbacks that if this really works. I hope it does its just I won’t give up now! 👍🏻 Okthenksbye. Ill come back here after two months XD
Anna Jo (1 month ago)
Does this work? Eh😅

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