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Sea Wolf - Old World Romance (Full Album)

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Sea Wolf is the project name of a sole singer/songwriter who drafts in other musicians as the occasion warrants. That singer/songwriter is Alex Church, a California native who looks to local authors like John Steinbeck and Jack London (whose 1904 novel The Sea Wolf provided the band name) for inspiration. Old World Romance is the third full-length album by the indie rock band Sea Wolf, released in 2012 on Dangerbird Records. ◘ Members: •Alex Brown Church • Lisa Fendelander • Joey Ficken • Scott Leahy • Eliot Lorango ◘ Songs: ○ Whirlpool ▬ 00:00 ○ Old Friend ▬ 03:54 ○ In Nothing ▬ 07:52 ○ Priscilla ▬ 10:58 ○ Kasper ▬ 14:51 ○ Blue Stockings ▬ 18:28 ○ Saint Catherine St. ▬ 21:38 ○ Changing Seasons ▬ 25:27 ○ Dear Fellow Traveler ▬ 29:19 ○ Miracle Cure ▬ 33:01 ◘ Official • Sea Wolf Website → http://www.seawolfmusic.com • Sea Wolf on FB → https://www.facebook.com/seawolf • Sea Wolf on Dangerbird Records → http://dangerbirdrecords.com/artists/sea-wolf/
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eNat (4 days ago)
This is amaizing It should be dome with nice watercolored animations about some travellers and all
Lililounette Isa (5 months ago)
Jurresp Dougsp (6 months ago)
i liked,,
Jessie N (9 months ago)
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William Majkut (9 months ago)
This album is so underrated it's unbelievable!
Kamila Sanabria (1 year ago)
Spooky Mars (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this. It is because of this album that I am hooked
christina miranda (1 year ago)
This song is so wonderful I love listen to your song it sooth me to sleep thank you...
Z Ziggy (1 year ago)
This is nice! I hope you guys will get more attention as deserved :^)
Dennis Gilligan (1 year ago)
A new band to me I like other music more than this, but that is no reflection on their ability.
Amazing.... They don't need any comments.... Just Amazing.
efren morales (1 year ago)
Reminds me of echo and the bunnymen....
Lysyanargent (1 year ago)
Amazing job! I absolutely love this. It helps me paint, too.
Stephy Ger (1 year ago)
Alexandra Shajova (1 year ago)
Beautiful ! Loved it

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