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BEST OF GIRLS WITH ABS | Workout Posing Flexing - PART 6

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And yeah 6 part! Crazy abs workout and girls abs show Hope you like it, subscribe, share, comment! Girls names are included in video, enjoy! #abs #bodybuilding #fitness Music: Jim Yosef & Alex Skrindo - Ruby [NCS Release] Nurko & Last Heroes - Promise Me (feat. Jessie Chambers) [NCS Release]
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Text Comments (24)
D Mcclung (17 days ago)
Watch this four times....it just gets better and better!👊
Max Ta (20 days ago)
Male harmones
Jr Gomez (1 month ago)
More like breast of girls
thespanish21god (1 month ago)
WOW!!!!!!! Some SUPER-shredded girls here and some were VERY Sexy!!!!!!
M1lSky (2 months ago)
0:33 Can i get ig this women?
M1lSky (2 months ago)
thanks so much
BodyBuilding Babes (2 months ago)
There you go: https://www.instagram.com/ugalztsetseg/
Steve Hunt (3 months ago)
Steve Hunt (3 months ago)
danleonhart1 (3 months ago)
I dare you find any Ab training videos of Cassandra Martin. Sometimes I wonder if she even trains her abs..
BodyBuilding Babes (3 months ago)
Hmm, indeed I really dont remember...
Lizzy White (3 months ago)
this inspires me so much
Veritas Liberabit (3 months ago)
Always fun to search for video's where they actual give an interview. Most of them have a lowwwwww STEROID voice LOL
Lizzy White (3 months ago)
Veritas Liberabit these bodies aren’t that hard to achieve as women. i doubt most of them take steroids.
Daniel Rittegar (3 months ago)
Now I got women going 24 hours with out eating and they look way hotter
MrDesertmike (3 months ago)
pure MAGIC✨✨✨
Suada Chuna (3 months ago)
Khurston Sanders (3 months ago)
Part six of the lovely six-pack abs franchise! 😉👍
Khurston Sanders (3 months ago)
BodyBuilding Babes Thank you for that lovely emoji comment!
BodyBuilding Babes (3 months ago)
Bluesharkiller16 (3 months ago)
Loved it
Night Begins To Shine! (3 months ago)
I could bury my face into those yummy tummys. Any you lady's single?
R S HOLKAR MUSIC (3 months ago)
अतिसुन्दर व आकर्षक शरीर है जी। मेंहनत जबरदस्त. . . !
Lony Nzabi (3 months ago)

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